Excellent Material

We believe in making sustainable products and adapts a firm policy of procuring timber to be used for our products our manufacturing facilities are located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. For furniture made from teakwood and other solid wood and we production of natural and synthetic rattan furniture. We also have the flexibility to produce one-off pieces and customized furniture or accessories as required by our private clients.

we believe in making sustainable products and adopts a firm policy of procuring timber to be used for our products.government regulation in the fight towards preventing trade in illegally harvested timber and timber products.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is the best main ingredient in making furniture.teak wood has many advantages compared to other types of wood.one of the advantages of teak is having a straight stem,strong against weather changes resistant to termites and easily processed.that's ehy teak is the first choice in making furniture. Based on these facts,teakwood is also the main material for making farios furniture in the present.even this wood is considered as first class wood both in terms of beauty and durability as mentioned earlier,teak wood tends to have disrinctive color .among the teak colors are light brown ,grayish to dark red brown in addition,the teak surface can be very smooth.what's more,this wood has a kind of natural oil that is not preferrend by termilies. even though without lacquer.teak wood looks shinny.

Advantages of Mahogany

  1. Strong and Durable - The quality of mahogany is almost balanced with teak.similiar to teak mahogany has good durability and strength.besides it also has a long life span so dont hesitate  to buy mahogany furniture.
  2. Mahogany is very stable - Mahogany is not easy to experience shrinkage and shape cahnges,and that makes mahogany widely used in industry in making cabinets,chair,tablets etc
  3. Has Fine Fiber - Wood fiber that is owned by this type of wood is very smooth and has a variety of shades,which makes it good if finished with natural colors or classic colors.
  4. Small Pores - The pores owned by mahogany are so small that is suitable for finishing with duco paint model,which is very different from teak wood which has a larger pore, making it diffucult to make a duco model without the risk of leaving  yellowish stains like in teak wood of course the main conditions are drought.